About The Photographer |

Hello and thank you for stopping by the blog! I'm Cardin McKinney Lopez, a professional photography model since the age of 14, as well as a Songwriter, Actress, Painter.. you get my drift. Basically, I'm an overall artistic female that has a passion for Art and Creativity.

 I began my photography journey as an aspiring model and have now moved from Model to the exciting world of Photographer.

Here's what I can offer. 

Killer photographs to last you a lifetime. 
Look, I've been the subject of a shoot where the lighting was wrong, the photographer used an automatic setting and then tried to edit to make up for their mistakes and unprepared eye. That isn't going to happen here. Your images will capture your own unique natural beauty.. No need for lots of drama. Let's just present YOU and lots of great taste. My photography inspiration comes from geniuses like: Jose Villa. Tec Petaja. Nicole Hill Gerulat. I'm a graduated student of Nicole's Classes and highly recommend her guidance!

 A super fun environment. 
I know what it's like to feel uncomfortable during a shoot because your photographer is busy answering phone calls and acting more like the Clear Eyes guy than an actual human being. Here's my promise to you: I will be a human being.

 If you need it. Some people don't want it, that's fine. But most feel a little awkward and are unsure what to do with their bodies.. Does my arm look funny like this? Do I look at the lens? Do I look at that tree? I'm here to help guide you. Don't fret.

I'm ready to work with you to get the perfect outcome you have envisioned. 

Let us begin, shall we?